ASU Chancellor, Jerry Moore Trade Statements About Coach’s Dismissal

ASU Chancellor Dr. Kenneth Peacock with national championship trophy

By David Coulson

Executive Editor

College Sports Journal


BOONE, N.C. — The war of words between Appalachian State and recently departed head football coach Jerry Moore was escalated on Wednesday when both the legendary coach and ASU Chancellor Dr. Kenneth Peacock released statements.


Moore, who returned home from the National Football Foundation dinner in New York City today, told longtime Winston-Salem Journal beat writer Tommy Bowman that he wanted one more year as head coach and that he'd had not agreed that 2012 would be his final season — refuting the statements made by ASU athletic director Charlie Cobb when Cobb announced Moore's removal on Sunday afternoon.


"I know I never told him this would be my last season," Moore said. "I don’t won’t to offend anybody. There’s not any big, big issues. It was a communication thing between Charlie and I … and I don’t want to cause any issues now."


Moore admitted that he was confused by the decision not to renew his three-year contract, which expires in June, 2013.


"I don’t know the ins and outs," Moore said. "I don’t deal in that, and I’ve never worried about that stuff … I’ve got one thing I want to do and that’s coach."


Those remarks and possibly others from a Moore press conference later in the day led to a surprising response — a statement from Peacock that was released by email to nearly 180 media outlets, including College Sports Journal, at 10:30 p.m. by Hank Foreman, the associate vice chancellor for university communications and cultural affairs at ASU.


The unedited statement reads as follows:


In light of recent coverage of Appalachian State University’s announcement that 2012 would be Coach Jerry Moore’s last season after 24 years as the university’s head football coach, Chancellor Kenneth E. Peacock commented on the university’s decision to seek new leadership for the football program. 


"My support of Appalachian State University Athletics Director Charlie Cobb remains ardent, and I appreciate the professionalism and integrity with which he leads our athletics program.  A year ago Mr. Cobb presented Coach Moore with a written communication telling him it was time to end his coaching career at Appalachian and offered him a three-year commitment in a different role at a six-figure salary.  In a subsequent memo to me dated December 31, 2011, Mr. Cobb indicated Coach Moore declined the offer and instead requested a final year as head coach for the 2012 season.  Mr. Cobb recommended we honor Coach Moore’s request, and I accepted his recommendation.  In a routine update with then Board of Trustees Chair G.A. Sywassink, I reported this decision."


"Additional confirmation that Coach Moore was aware of this decision in advance of last Sunday was relayed to me by Trustee Brad Adcock, a close personal friend of Coach Moore and long-time supporter of the program and Appalachian.  Mr. Adcock said he spoke to Coach Moore this past July out of admiration and a desire to appropriately recognize him in his retirement.  Coach Moore asked him when he should announce his retirement—at the start or conclusion of the 2012 season.  Mr. Adcock deferred to the university’s administration."


"While I have great respect for Coach Moore’s accomplishments, I fully support Mr. Cobb’s decision and leadership of our athletics program."


College Sports Journal will continue to follow this developing story as news breaks.