Saturday Thoughts: Missouri Valley Football, Week 4

Saturday Thoughts
YSU's Kurt Hess powered through the rain as
threw for 290 yards and 4 TD's against UNI

By Mitchell Miller

Special Report

College Sports Journal


YOUNGSTOWN, OH — Youngstown State affirmed its power on Saturday as they continued to knock down opponents as they come; on Saturday it was Northern Iowa who took one on the chin.

I don't want to take anything away from Northern Iowa, they played great–on offense. Defensively, Youngstown State made a couple of key plays that sealed the win.

For Northern Iowa, the schedule continues to be tough and they can not afford to lose any more games.


Unfortunately next weekend they face North Dakota State which will be another insanely tough game for the Panthers–this time, however, they will finally be able to host one of these tough teams.


The home-field-dome advantage might play a factor in how the game is played out, but I feel that North Dakota State has so many weapons that it will be tough for Northern Iowa to keep up.


Also, what separates the Panthers and the Bison are their defenses, North Dakota State has allowed 14 points through three games. On the other hand, North Dakota State hasn't seen an offense like Northern Iowa's yet this year. We'll see how these two teams match up on Saturday; it should be a good game.


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