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CSJ’s FCS Week 1 Game of the Week, Spotlight, And Fearless Predictions

  FCS Game of the Week: No. 3 Sam Houston State vs. No. 7 Richmond (at McLean Stadium, Waco, TX) In the grand scheme of things, perhaps a football game is a very small thing to many people in Texas at the moment. With the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the torrential rains that accompanied […]

JMU QB Drew Dudzik over Virginia Tech, 2010

Six Possible FCS Humiliupsets Over FBS Schools

There are few things more exciting in the kickoff of the college football season than a Jacksonville State putting The Fear Of The Big Guy Above into Auburn, or Portland State delivering probably the most humiliating upset on FCS over FBS history over North Texas. There’s an extra jolt of adrenaline when a sixty-three scholarship […]