Washington Post: Howard Football Has Been Outscored 125-0, But Players Know the Real Score

Howard P John Fleck (Howard Sports Information)By John Feinstein

Courtesy of The Washington Post

College Sports Journal


BOSTON, Mass —As a coach in the Football Championship Subdivision, playing a level below college football’s powers, Gary Harrell knows there are going to be days when the job isn’t a lot of fun. Every fall, Howard, the school he graduated from and now leads as head coach, begins its season by playing two teams that, competitively speaking, it shouldn’t be playing.


“But I understand we have to play them,” Harrell said with a weary smile Tuesday afternoon sitting on a bench inside Greene Stadium. “This is a business. The athletic department needs the money we make by playing these games, and I’m glad to help out that way. I get it. All I can do is try to look at the positives that come along with it. That isn’t always easy.”


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