2020 CSJ Sagarin NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Projections-FINAL

With the Coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 NCAA men’s basketball tournament will not be played. But with all games now played for the season, the following would be the final projections for the tournament this year.

This projection took into account either the tournament champions or the top seed in the tournment if that team’s respective conference did not finish. The seeds were projected using the Sagarain rankings.

All at large selections were also made using the Sagarin rankings.

Kansas, Gonzaga, Michigan State, and Baylor were the projected #1 seeds.

Automatic Qualifiers

The following are the 32 Division I conference champions or projected champions.

Field of 68

The following are the 68 teams based on the Sagarin rankings and using the 32 automatic qualifiers and the 36 at-large qualifers. Note, the teams highlighted in YELLOW are ones from Mid-Major conferences, in GREEN are High Major conferences, and in BLUE are from Major conferences.

Each of the seeds are highlighted for the four regions with the exception of the #11, #12, and #16 seeds, which have five teams for the #11 and #12 and six for the #16 seeds. These seeds are projections that would play in the First Four games. The eight First Four teams are highlighted on the left in ORANGE and in italics. These teams are the last four at-large teams and the last four automatic qualifying teams.

Tourament Bracket

Using the field above, the following would the bracket using the NCAA critera were two conference teams can not meet in the first four or in the first round. Open a larger view of the projected bracket in the link below the snap below.

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