CSJ Sagarin 2018 NCAA FCS Playoff Projection – Oct. 28

Using the Sagarin ratings alone to project the FCS playoffs, along with the automatic bid for the conferences that receive a bid, the following would be the playoff teams this week.  These teams are seeded 1 through 24 for the 24 teams that make the FCS playoffs.

As a reminder, the following conferences receive an automatic bid, while 14 teams are selected as at-large picks.

Big Sky Conference
Big South Conference
Colonial Athletic Conference (CAA)
Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC)
Northeast Conference (NEC)
Ohio Valley Conference (OVC)
Patriot League
Pioneer Football League 
Southern Conference
Southland Conference

Top 25 Rankings with playoff spot with the conference name indicating the automatic spot for its conference and then the 14 at-large spots also listed.   See the full Top 25 with the hyperlink.

The number to the left of the school is the overall Sagarin rating.

1  22  North Dakota StateMVFC
2  65  James MadisonCAA
3  68  South Dakota StateAt-Large1
4  82  Illinois StateAt-Large2
5  86  Northern IowaAt-Large3
  88  PrincetonIvy
6  96  Eastern WashingtonBig Sky
7 103  UC DavisAt-Large4
8 104  Kennesaw StateBig South
9 109  Weber StateAt-Large5
10 110  DelawareAt-Large6
11 112  ElonAt-Large7
12 115  ColgatePatriot
13 116  Jacksonville StateOVC
14 119  SamfordSoCon
 120  DartmouthIvy
15 121  Western IllinoisAt-Large8
16 123  Stony BrookAt-Large9
17 127  WoffordAt-Large10
18 129  TowsonAt-Large11
19 131  Idaho StateAt-Large12
20 134  North DakotaAt-Large13
21 137  South DakotaAt-Large14
22 139  Nicholls StateSouthland
23 203  San DiegoPioneer
24 205  Central Connecticut StateNEC
Note that Nicholls State, Central Connecticut State, and San Diego are currently leading the Southland, NEC, and Pioneer League and would be the last three schools into the field as those conference champions.
Also note that the Ivy League, MEAC, and SWAC do not have autobids.  The MEAC and SWAC champions play in the Celebration Bowl.  The SWAC also plays a championship game so both division champions would not be able to participate but any second place or lower team in either conference would be eligible.
For this week, no MEAC or SWAC schools are in the Top 22 of the standings.  But Princeton and Dartmouth from the Ivy League, who are in the this Top 22 are not eligible for the playoffs due to the Ivy League rule of no postseason play so these two were left off.
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