NCAA Should Stop Sun Belt From Grabbing Unqualified FCS Schools

Sun Belt Announcement Coastal Carolina 2015By Chuck Burton

Publisher/Managing Editor

College Sports Journal


PHILADELPHIA, PA — Coastal Carolina is nuts.


The Sun Belt is crazy.


These will not be among the official statements you will be reading today in regards to Coastal Carolina’s whirlwind acceptance of their athletic program into the Sun Belt.


The Sun Belt did not make this decision because Coastal Carolina was the most qualified candidate. They were not convinced by an impressive attendance number or a plan of action that stated exactly how the Chanticleers were going to be able to pay for an expensive, permanent upgrade to the costs and expenses of FBS football.


They picked them because they were in the right place, and were willing to go.


And that’s precisely why someone at the NCAA needs to put a stop to the the madness that is the current structure for drafting FBS teams.

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