2021 FCS Season Preview: Western Carolina

CSJ Projected Finish: 9th

Western Carolina has really struggled the last half decade. They have one winning season in that time frame and haven’t won more than three games in any of the other seasons. The Catamounts played a few games in the fall alongside a spring season and went 1-8.

Though they’ve had some really good individual talents, the high level stats show the struggles that Western Carolina has endured. The last three seasons they have allowed 38, 39 and 41 points per game on average while going from 30 scored per game in 2018 to 19 to 18 over the last two seasons.

Impact Players

OL Tyler Smith is only a sophomore and has already made an impact on the offensive line. The run game is the lone bright spot for the Catamounts and Smith is a main reason why.

RB Mikai Stanley played last year as a freshman and was the #2 back for the Catamounts. He should now be the top option for the offense this year.

LB Ty Harris is the leader of the Catamount defense. Last season he led the team with 89 tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss and 4 sacks.

Key Game: October 30 at The Citadel

Western Carolina

HomeTime/ResultsAwayVenueMatch Day TV/Streaming Highlights
E.J. Whitmire Stadium
Cullowhee, NC - -
Memorial Stadium (Oklahoma)
Norman, OK - -
E.J. Whitmire Stadium
Cullowhee, NC - -
Spangler Stadium
Boiling Springs, NC - -
Finley Stadium
Chattanooga, TN - -
E.J. Whitmire Stadium
Cullowhee, NC - -
Johnson Hagood Stadium
Charleston, SC - -
Gibbs Stadium
Spartanburg, SC - -
E.J. Whitmire Stadium
Cullowhee, NC - -
E.J. Whitmire Stadium
Cullowhee, NC - -
Alumni Memorial Stadium
Lexington, VA - -
Paladin Stadium
Greenville, SC - -

Worst Case: The Catamounts go winless.

Best Case: The Catamounts shock a couple teams and win two games.


  1. Jamie,

    With all due respect, I think you need to a bit more research on the fall 2021 Catamounts. You mention three impact players recruited under the fired coach Speir. Maybe you should read about Kerwin Bell and look at the roster under this new leadership. 17 or so transfers including QB Rogan Wells, etc. Just do a little more reading and I think you will be enlightened that this is not the past awful Catamount team. I have followed my school’s football since Bob Waters led our program. I have been down on the leadership the past decade and more. Something new has arrived in Cullowhee…..watch for it.

    1. Allen, thanks got the feedback. I like the Bell hire. Hopefully he can turn the program around. I always hope I am wrong when I have negative thoughts on a team.

  2. I don’t know why you wasted your time on that “preview”.

    Everything in the article was taken from other headlines. My dog digs deeper than that, when he tries to bury a bone.

    How insightful is “Worst Case: The Catamounts go winless.” That’s a worse case for ANY team, in any sport.

    1. Jerry I read no other headlines. My own research there. Not a ton of it for this quick hitter. The difference in this worst case is unfortunately I see winless as something that could happen for WCU until they get more talent in the system. But you do you and try to take cheap digs if you want to though. Have a great day.

  3. Things are going to change quickly with new coaching staff and nice group of players brought in from portal to go along with decent group of kids from previous staff. Would not be surprised to see this team finish in the middle of the conference in 2021. Go Catamounts!

    1. If that is your own research, then you did NO research. That’s not a cheap dig, the article you wrote is the “cheap dig” on the WCU program.

      1. Even the Charlotte Observer says 2 wins would be progress. So its not like I am on a limb. I get the optimism bringing in a coach with a championship pedigree. But it takes time. The defense still doesnt look great. The offense in theory should be better. BUt that doesnt lead to a better record immediately. Theyll compete for a SoCon title in 2023. But this will be a down year. Its not a dig. Its just what it looks to me like it will be. Ill be glad to be wrong. I love when down teams bounce back and have a great year. Follow along. If they outplay my expectation, Ill say it and be just fine eating the crow. Good luck to the Catamounts this season and condolences for the loss of Coach Peacock.

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