College Sports Journal Sagarin High Major Men’s Basketball Top 25 – Jan. 3

Below are the Top 25 High-Major rankings, as well as overall, based on the Sagarin rankings for the week ending Jan. 3rd. Gonzaga remains atop the standings (as well as overall #1) following its three wins this past week over Northern Arizona and Dixie State in out-of-conference play and won its WCC opener versus San Francisco.

Houston remains second in the poll despite suffering its first loss at Tulsa but did pickup a win over SMU–both games were in AAC play.

San Diego State remains third also this week even though the Aztecs lost at home in its lone game this past week to Colorado State in Mountain West play.

The High-Major conferences include AAC, A-10, Conference USA, Mountain West, West Coast, and Missouri Valley conferences.

Sagarin rankings provide the only rankings that actually ranks all Division I schools but our rankings will show just the High Major side of things and have been used for several years with his own computer ranking system to distinguish strength of schedule and strength of team when comparing teams.

You can see the full Division I Sagarin rankings at The USA Today and at Jeff’s site itself.

In the rankings, you will see the the High Major rankings first and the overall Division I ranking to the right of the the High Major ranking.

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The following are the individual High Major conference rankings highlighted in green and the overall rankings within overall ranking in Division I.