College Sports Journal Sagarin FBS G5 Top 25 – Sept. 26

Here are the Top 25 FBS Group of Five (G5) rankings based on the Sagarin rankings for the week ending Sept. 26, 2020. UCF remains in the top spot after its big win in its first AAC conference game at East Carolina with BYU holding the second spot with its big win over Troy.

With the announcement of the Mountain West and Mid-American Conferences, as well as independent Massachusetts returning to play later this fall, those schools in those conferences are now eligible for this poll and this week will add those ranked schools into the Top 25. Old Dominion, New Mexico State, and Connecticut have made no announcements yet to return to play and will not be shown in the poll.

CSJ will show weekly rankings from the Sagarin rankings throughout the season and will have a final ranking after the national championship game in January.

Sagarin rankings provide the only rankings that actually ranks all Division I schools but our rankings will show just the FBS G5 side of things and have been used for several years with his own computer ranking system to distinguish strength of schedule and strength of team when comparing teams.

You can see the full Division I Sagarin rankings at The USA Today and at Jeff’s site itself.

In the rankings, you will see the the G5 rankings first and the overall Division I ranking to the right of the the G5 ranking.

The numbers show the ranking in the Group of Five Top 25 as well as the overall Division I ranking.

The Top 10 and Top 30 are the overall Division I Sagarin rankings.


Click on the rankings to see a larger view.


The following are the individual G5 conference rankings highlighted in yellow and the overall rankings within overall ranking in Division I FBS.