Week One Around the Big Sky

There were surprises across the Big Sky that were good and bad. Good: Portland State causes a scare for San Jose State, Idaho makes Washington State respect their effort, and Eastern Washington reloads with another stud quarterback. Bad: David Hoage is listed injured and UNC plays below Houston Baptist’s level, Cal Poly and NAU non-competitive in their in-state FBS games, UC Davis had a close first half and let the Golden Bears get away.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

5 - 41
Stewart Stadium

Weber State 41, Western Oregon 5

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Weber State 41, Western Oregon 5
Weber State Impact Performers
Offense: Kris Jackson, Running Back, 2 rushes 2 yards 2 TD
Defense: Naseme Colvin, Safety, 6 tackles 3.5 TFL
Headline: Weber State’s defense allows -34 rushing yards in their win over D2 Western Oregon

3 - 40
Sun Devil Stadium

Arizona State 40, Northern Arizona 3

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Arizona State 40, Northern Arizona 3
NAU Impact Performers
Offense: Coleman Owen, Receiver, 5 catches for 24 yards
Defense: Kamdan Hightower, Defensive Back, 12 tackles
Headline: NAU’s young stars try for the All-Arizona sweep, but come up short with only 120 yards offensively.

Photo via PSU Athletics.
17 - 21
CEFCU Stadium

San Jose State 21, Portland State 17

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San Jose State 21, Portland State 17
PSU Impact Performers
Offense: Dante Chachere, Quarterback, 24/37 for 270 yards 2 TD 2 INT and 14 rushes for 83 yards
Defense: Tyreese Shakir, Defensive Back, 7 tackles 3 TFL 2 sacks
Headline: Sophomore quarterback Dante Chachere put on a 353 yard performance that was two interceptions shy of a win over FBS SJSU.

7 - 35
Bulldog Stadium (Fresno State)

Fresno State 35, Cal Poly 7

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Fresno State 35, Cal Poly 7
Cal Poly Impact Performers
Offense: Jaden Jones, Quarterback, 20/38 for 211 yards 1 TD and 9 rushes for 59 yards
Defense: David Meyer, Linebacker, 5 tackles 1 TFL 1 sack
Headline: The Mustangs took a two and a half hours ride up to Fresno State just to get their tails kicked.

Saturday 9/3/2022

CSJ Honorable Mention. Photo via Griz Athletics.
17 - 40
Bobcat Stadium

Montana State 40, McNeese 17

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Montana State 40, McNeese State 17
Montana State Impact Performers
Offense: Lane Sumner, Running Back, 24 rushes for 176 yards and 2 catches for 52 yards
Defense: Sebastian Valdez, Defensive Tackle, 4 tackles 2.5 TFL 2.5 sacks 1 Forced Fumble
Headline: “Touchdown” Tommy Mellott and Lane Sumner led the team handily over the Bayou Cowboys.

0 - 47
Washington-Grizzly Stadium

Montana 47, Northwestern State 0

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Montana 47, Northwestern State 0
Montana Impact Performers
Offense: Lucas Johnson, Quarterback, 15/24 for 208 yards 4 TD and 7 rushes for 76 yards
Defense: Patrick O’Connell, Linebacker, 7 tackles 2 TFL 1 sack 1 INT
Headline: An electric offense and five defensive turnovers led the Griz to their 19th consecutive home opener win.

Photo via EWU Athletics.

Eastern Washington 36, Tennessee State University 29
EWU Impact Performers
Offense: Gunner Talkington, Quarterback, 29/46 for 348 yards 5 TD and 9 rushes for 60 yards
Defense: Mitchell Johnson, Defensive End, 11 tackles 2 TFL 2 sacks
Headline: Gunner Talkington shushed the non-believers who though EWU would be in a total rebuilding year.

13 - 34
California Memorial Stadium

California 34, UC Davis 13

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Cal 34, UC Davis 13
UCD Impact Performers
Offense: Ulonzo Gilliam, Running Back, 14 rushes for 115 yards 1 TD and 7 catches for 35 yards
Defense: Teddye Buchanan, Linebacker, 8 tackles 1 INT
Headline: UC Davis kept it just a 10 point game in the first half, but Berkeley’s depth caught up with the Aggies.

46 - 34
Nottingham Field

Houston Baptist 46, Northern Colorado 34

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Houston Baptist 46, Northern Colorado 34
UNC Impact Performers
Offense: Alec Pell, Tight End, 8 catches for 68 yards and 1 TD
Defense: Vincent King, Linebacker, 7 tackles 1 TFL 1 sack
Headline: The Bears battle back to a potential game winning drive, but cannot protect the quarterback not named McCaffrey.

17 - 24
Gesa Field

Washington State 24, Idaho 17

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Washington State 24, Idaho 17
Idaho Impact Performers
Offense: Jermaine Jackson, Receiver, 5 catches for 110 yards
Defense: Fa’Avae Fa’Avae, Linebacker, 11 tackles 1 TFL 1 sack 1 forced fumble 1 pass break up
Headline: A game that local FBS fans had given up on in earlier years was an absolute dogfight thanks to a surprising first effort under the Eck Era.

Via Big Sky Conference.
33 - 56
Hornet Stadium

Sacramento State 56, Utah Tech 33

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Sacramento State 56, Utah Tech 33
Sacramento State Impact Performers
Offense: Cameron Skattebo, Running Back, 10 rushes for 153 yards 1 TD and 2 catches for 30 yards 1 TD and 1 kick return for 43 yards 1 TD
Defense: Caleb Nelson, Cornerback, 5 tackles .5 TFL 1 INT for 95 yards and 1 TD
Headline: The Hornets rush for program’s third best performance ever with 378 yards of trampling the Trailblazers.