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FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: Five Days Out, Chuck And Jamie Pick Their Brackets

First of all – if you haven’t seen “The Vermillion Miracle” – watch it. Now. It’s one of the most extraordinary things you’ll ever see this college football season, or any other.

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: CSJ Picks The FCS Playoff Field, 10/28/2021

Check out highlights of last week’s big games, and check out out CSJ composite playoff bracket, bubble team of the week, and playoff implication game of the week as well.

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: CSJ Picks The FCS Playoff Field, 10/21/2021

Last week was a real thriller with a lot of FCS Playoff implications. Montana State, Eastern Washington and North Dakota State had statement wins showing how they plan to be a part of these playoffs come Thanksgiving, while the SoCon’s title and autobid race seems as muddled as ever.

Fearless Prediction: The FCS Playoff Bracket

After watching and following all spring, here’s my prediction of who’s in and who’s out of the FCS Playoff bracket this spring. The selection special is at 11:30 AM Sunday and will be unveiled on ESPNU.

CSJ Thoughts On the 2018 FCS Playoff Selection Field

The 2018 FCS Playoff Bracket was announced on ESPNU on November 18th at 12:30 EST, and the NCAA issued their release about the 2018 FCS Playoff Bracket here. There were some interesting matchups, some shocking omissions, and a lot of interesting twists and turns. CSJ’s Jamie Williams, Kent Schmidt and Chuck Burton followed the picks […]

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: Two Teams In, And Not Much Else

This week, we saw two FCS football programs punch their ticket for the FCS Playoffs. To few people’s surprise, undefeated 9-0 (6-0) North Dakota State made what was formally assumed now for weeks, clinching their autobid to the FCS playoffs with a bitterly-fought 17-7 win over Youngstown State. To even fewer people’s surprise, undefeated 8-0 […]

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: Taking a Week Off?

You know what’s great, especially in this FCS playoff bracket picking game? Occasionally being right. Most weeks, it seems, I need to rip up by bracket and start over, because of all the upsets and outcomes I failed to pick correctly. Then there are weeks like last week, where Wofford takes care of business against […]

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: I Know Nothing, So Here’s Another Bracket

If you want some solid evidence that I don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at my picks for the bracket this week. Maine, a seed? Sure – until William And Mary made like Dikembe Mutumbo and said “No, no, no”, upsetting the Black Bears 27-20. East Tennessee State, a seed? Talk about […]

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: Ripping Up Last Week’s #FCSPlayoff Bracket And Picking A New One

Last week’s bracket? Pure trash. Elon, a seed? That evaporated once Delaware upset them 28-16. Eastern Washington, king of the Big Sky? Weber State says “not so fast,” delivering a humbling 14-6 win over the Eagles. Wofford, top dogs in the SoCon? The Furman Paladins had something to say about that, knocking the Terriers off […]

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: Yet Another #FCSPlayoff Field Projection, 10/9/2018

We’re just about halfway through the FCS football season, and the playoff bracket picture just got a heck of a lot cloudier. The prohibitive favorite in the CAA, James Madison, lost their first game since forever – at home! – against Elon. Weber State, in control of their Big Sky destiny, lost a head-scratcher to […]

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: #FCSPlayoff Field Wild Guess Number Three, 10/2/2018

This week we feature the number “3”, as in this is my third stab at trying to pick the the FCS Playoff field. They say three is a magic number, but unless your thinking about the best No. 3 in the FCS – that happens to be UC Davis’ Keelan Doss, pictured above – it’s […]

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: Another Gritty Guess About the Possible 2018 #FCSPlayoff Field, 9/24/2018

This week, the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their “mistaken on so many levels” mascot named “Gritty”. A bug-eyed, orange psycho Muppet that is named after America’s least-favorite sportswriter adjective, it’s not abundantly clear if it’s just a misfire on every conceivable level, or whether Philadelphia Flyers fans will embrace his unloveable demeanor in a “so […]

FCS Playoffs ‘Til I Die: A Wild, Gut-Feel Guess About the Possible 2018 #FCSPlayoff Field, 9/17/2018

In years past, I would wait to try to figure out who might be in the FCS Playoffs in any given year. I would try to look at analytics, Top 25s, Sagarin ratings, the Massey ratings composite, and a ton of other things to try to project a sensible, common-sense FCS playoff projection that tried […]